The Usual Days #54 Timisoara (partII)

Road Trip Continued =)

*walking around

*more walking, girls trying to get away =)

*photo shoot while waiting for the girls to shop.


*hangin` `round starbucks.

*having a serious talk with seb =)

*chiri went shopping =)

*back to the start.


*love that place =)

*most awesome epic photo face in the whole history of photography!!!11 Henri Cartier Bresson would eat his heart out!

*photo-geeking around

*wedding =) we`ve seen 3 brides that day, we`re still waiting for the good luck to strike =D

*mirror, mirror, on the wall… =)


*back to walking around =)

*one of the best places ever! =)

*personal wine servant! =) (we were the only customers=D)

..go here for prints : CLICK!!!


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