The Usual Days #66

`Twas December and what a night,

Holidays were starting and everything was right,

Spirit`s high and coffee hot, we all brought what we`ve bought

All were waiting restless, for Ruxii and the presents.

*Clouds were low, but still…no snow!

*All dressed up and cute, we got bored and started to shoot.

*mirror, mirror, on the wall, does this make me look tall?

*feeling sleepy and tired, nothing like a big cup to get you wired.

*all fun and games, `till someone HARK! exclaims, is that santa? (nop, my ringtone was to blame, for Santa`s late, many an hour `till he came.)

*”what? who goes there? it was nothing, just a bit of air” Mister Cat thought, imagining it was Santa that he cought!

*we were all nice, working and asking advice, “Projects don’t do themselves, and neither will the elves!”

*while concentrated on some work, i noticed a raindeer with a smurk, i asked if i could assist, he just wanted a picture with a twist.

*Hello Mister Deer, could i offer you some beer? I said, handing him a brew, or maybe you would like some stew!

*As my work was almost done, i noticed that NCIS was on.

*Mister Deer was quite popular, he did look well in angular, soon he picked up the chicks, for a deer, he had a lot of tricks!

*Mister Cat was feeling frisky, so did Chiri, after all that whiskey! And not long, they were both sleeping, to a Christmas song.

*Wait, who is that? Could it be? I`m sure that`s Santa I see! I almost cheered when I saw that beard!

*Alas, all the guests were there, we had to get it started, it was only fair!

*Soon enough, Santa was here with the good stuff!

*One for you, one for me, A kitty on a fence, for Simi!

*I look around, thinking I still haven`t found…”This one`s for you”, I hear out of the blue.

And that`s our Christmas tale, told with laughs and joy and ale,

One last thing that i must write, wish you all a good night!



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