The Usual Days #71

School, Coffee, Road trip to the new project site =)

*good morning, Bucharest…still freezing cold…

*morning coffee portraits : Chiri

*Miki hiding behind her bunny rabbit eared iphone


*one peaceful morning…

* bah! winter…

*and here we are…the site…what a nice place =)

*Chiri hugging the snow… =D

* more of the wonderful place Β =D



* sexy look =D

*cool place

*shooting Simi while waiting for Chiri

*man of the woods! =D




62 thoughts on “The Usual Days #71

    • thank you! yeah, i`ve started with a point and shoot camera too, but you can get some pretty interesting photos too πŸ™‚

    • thank you!! πŸ˜€
      everybody seems to love them, i`ll let my friend know hers are popular on the internet πŸ˜€ it also came with a tail! lol

  1. beautiful photos. may i ask what camera you are using – the shots are so crisp and sharp. i am absolutely envious

  2. Absolutely stunning! Bucharest is a much-undervalued city. I wish people travelled out there more often, it has just as much to offer in terms of entertainment and beauty as some of the more traditional holiday hotspots of Europe.

  3. faine rau pozele !
    tine-o tot asa, mai vrem bucuresti cu ceatza, cu nori, cu stele, cu cladiri vechi, cu oameni de rand ! tramvaie ! da da da!

  4. love the photos ! i have always wanted to go there hopefully one day i will be able to make a trip there. however i have one question…When does the snow melt and spring begin? brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! it still looks very cold. love the portrait photos too!

    • thanks, well it`s a great place, drop on by! πŸ˜€ well it`s kind of spring now, the photos are from february:)

  5. The photographs make me think of photographs in an album you would look at while sitting on the couch of a favorite friend or relative. It’s also interesting to me that they seem so universal. I don’t know why, but I always expect other countries to somehow look very different from what I’ve seen all my life, and yet, they are not. Thank you for sharing.

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