The Usual Days #74

more 35mm photos =)

*hanging out after some season shopping (old film)

* i kinda miss that weather =)


* =)

* Bucharest winter streets


* aaaaand the sun came out =D

* spring =)

*the elusive and sun bothered me!


* sun`s moving =)

* Laura =)

*fun tiiiimes =)

*elevator shot, late at night =)

*more Bucharest streets =)



*out for coffee =) ❤

*spring storms =)

*the boss =D

*the chauffeur =D

*ruxiiii`s back for a while =D

* work work…

untill next time…


2 thoughts on “The Usual Days #74

  1. I really enjoy seeing parts of your everyday-life. It makes the world a bit smaller. There are so many things in common, you even have snow during wintertime – like us. It´s all very familiar and still movie-like, perhaps because of the analogue technique you’re using.

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